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Offer less, Get More Clients

I was offered to join a community of women entrepreneurs here in Australia. I'm interested, so I clicked the offer.

Before I could even get to the end of the letter, I stopped reading. I was too overwhelmed! 

There are too many membership options to choose from! My little brain can't handle it. 🤣 

This is a common problem for freelancers or business owners alike. I occasionally make this problem, but when I audit my offers, I am reminded why this will scare clients.

📌 The Problem: The client can't decide which service or package to choose

📌 The Solution: Your service packages are overwhelming! It's time to make it crisp and clear and offer fewer options.

Some freelancers make their offers so complicated to appear they are offering many things, and the clients will get a lot of features from it. Most of the time, the value is not in quantity; it is how your offer responds to your client's problem.

Heard of Hick's law?

Hick's law is a familiar concept in UX design. Hick's Law (or the Hick-Hyman Law) states that the more stimuli (or choices) users face, the longer it will take them to decide.

In freelancing, your goal is to make a choice easier for your clients.

How? Always provide fewer choices.

If you are starting, congratulations, you are warned!

Don't make this rookie mistake. I always suggest offering 2-3 pricing options or service packages.


Option 1 - $500

Option 2 - $1,500

Option 3 - $2,500

Based on my experience, clients mostly choose Option 2, and I am happy with it.

Like what most minimalists would say, "less is more".

Wish I'd learned this tip earlier in my career.

I don't want you to commit the same mistakes I did.

There you go! 😊 

Stay grounded,


About the Author: With over a decade of experience, Margaret has been helping clients achieve success since 2011. Margaret's secret weapon is her practical approach to marketing, which always delivers results. She's no self-proclaimed guru, just a humble practitioner who knows her stuff. And when she's not crushing the digital marketing game, she's the proud owner of Article and Design.

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