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The only freelancing course you'll ever need.

From zero to #SUPERFREELANCER! 🦸‍♂️🦸‍♀️

Ed Escueta Testimonial, Front end developer and Graphic designer

KL Elevera Testimonial, BPO


Our Flagship course, and the ONLY course you need in building your premium freelancer journey in 21 days.

This Superfreelancers course my team and I created is made with love for Filipinos anywhere in the world.

This is dramatically different from anything you've ever seen from these self-proclaimed coaches and gurus because this is more of a "step-by-step" checklist and guided course to becoming a premium freelancer made by a practitioner for over 9 years. 

There is no fluff or filler in this course because it is the comprehensive guide that you need and not a mindset woo-woo course that you can get for free on YouTube university.

Some students told us we are so underrated because we provide massive value through this course and beyond. But I guess it's not our loss, anyway? But if you are reading this, welcome to the other side of freelancing.

Practical, transparent and actionable.

This course is created with freelancers and client in mind since I have both experiences. I immediately get down to the steps, showing you exactly what to do, how to do it, why and when to apply specific strategies.

I am a practitioner, not a guru. I've been doing this since 2011, its like I am giving you my notes of over 9 years via this guided course. 

Check out what my team and I prepared for you and see the benefits in enrolling.

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Anti-Fake Guru Policy

Hi, this is Margaret. Owner of Article and Design. 

I've been a freelancer since 2011. I've worked with many clients from every corner of the globe.

And I've built a community of Filipino leaders helping us in this mission and are freelancers, not fake gurus.

These are people that don't make their money just from selling courses. They don't sell you the idea of freelancing. They are practitioners in their fields. 

From 90% of the people on the internet teaching you a course on how to be a freelancer, we're freelancers by profession and not coaches.

The content you will find in A&D courses isn’t theoretical knowledge.

We are practitioners, not gurus

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Article and Design is created by Margaret, a Freelance Digital Marketing Strategist based in Australia.

Hi it's me. 👋

I don't claim to be an expert, guru or coach; call me by my name - Margaret. I am probably 2 or 3 steps ahead of the journey you're embarking on, if you will.

I'm a lifelong learner who's been honing my skills since 2011 and boy, have I made some mistakes! But that's a good thing for you because now you can skip all those blunders and take a shortcut straight to the good stuff.

And no, I'm not your mentor. Those guys are great and all, but I like to keep it real.

I've always believed in self-accountability. My advice will always be LEARN to LEARN. That's where the magic happens. Don't rely on anyone else to pave your path to greatness. You got this! Don't even rely on me! You can apply my strategies but its entirely up to you.

My courses and guides are based on real-world practices, not just textbook theories.

Here at Article and Design, we don't mess around. We'll give you a step-by-step roadmap to becoming a PRO freelancer, showing you exactly what to do, when and why.

Say goodbye to the self-proclaimed coaches and hello to a team of practitioners who've got your back.

You won't find anything like it out there.

So, don't hesitate, check out what we have in store for you and see the benefits of enrolling today.

It's gonna be a wild ride!

I'll see you on the flipside (the water is fine here) 😜