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This crash course, designed specifically for newbies like you, serves as your springboard into the world of freelancing.

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What you'll get from this course:

✨ Discover the 10 pivotal steps to start your freelancing journey.

Breaking into freelancing can be daunting without a clear plan.

This course outlines the 10 essential steps, from identifying your skills to landing your first client, guiding you step-by-step to a successful freelancing career.

✨ Learn how to set up your portfolio and attract potential clients.

Building a compelling portfolio can be challenging for beginners, which can limit opportunities.

Our course demystifies portfolio creation, teaching you to showcase your skills attractively, making you an irresistible prospect for clients.

✨ Navigate the challenges of freelancing with insider tips.

The unpredictability of freelancing can feel overwhelming, causing stress and anxiety.

This course shares tried-and-true insider tips to handle common freelancing challenges, ensuring you're well-equipped to thrive in any situation.

✨ Boost your confidence and get ready to soar in the freelancing world.

Lack of confidence can hinder your progress, preventing you from taking up new opportunities.

By equipping you with key knowledge and tools, this course boosts your confidence, preparing you to seize opportunities and flourish in the freelancing landscape.

How To Start Freelancing For Filipinos

(A Beginner's Guide For Aspiring Filipino Freelancers) TAGALOG-ENGLISH

by Margaret Sulapas of Article and Design

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How to start Freelancing for Filipinos (2-hour crash course)